Having an appropriate survival kit at the time of emergency is most important part of keeping you and your family member safe during an event of crisis. When you are looking to make your kit, you must make sure that you pack essential and cater the equipment to the situation which most likely to happen. In case you act thoroughly and methodically then you can make survival kit that might maximize your odds of staying safe during the emergency situation.

What to Include

In case you are looking for building a survival kit then you can follow some necessary tips such as

  • Organize and store first aid kit
  • Stock up on water
  • Try to store enough non perishable food
  • Stock up on the extra batteries and flashlights
  • Store your emergency items together

First aid kit can prevent small injuries from becoming infected and your first aid must have certain things such as medical tape, iodine, gauze pads, alcohol wipes, aspirin, scissors, scalpel and antibiotic. Consider number of people that you might have at your household and decide how much water which you need for 2 weeks. You can bring at least three days of the non perishable food which includes salt free crackers, canned foods and whole grain cereals. Flashlight could be mostly used to illuminate areas when it might get dark and it is the versatile tool. Before you are planning to pack your survival kit, you must decide climate and conditions which you will be. Survival kit for sea includes certain items like fishing equipment, flares, inflatable boats and vests. Good knife could be used in the multitude ways when you are in the wilderness. It is really useful to build shelter, cut food, start fire, hunt, cut twigs, string and clear paths. You are always advisable to choose knife with the good balance of cutting power and durability. Fixed blade is more durable when compared to folding knife under pressure. GPS device is useful to guide when you get lost in wilderness but it is required signal and battery power. In case you have to tolerate night in wilderness, it is always important which you build makeshift shelter in order to stay cool or warm and protected from elements. Cell phone is great device which is used to communicate during emergency or evacuation.

Tips On Building a Survival Kit

During emergency, your gps or phone might not be available and for that reason only you must keep road map so you might know about how to get to your migration site. Try to bring some drinking water with you into wild. If you are willing to build survival kit in excellent way then you must concern about certain things like tools, a knife or similar, medications, medical items, extra batteries, personal hygiene items and emergency contact information. You might not have access to your wardrobe for long time after emergency so it is always necessary to pack extra sets of clothes. In case of emergency, you can buy traditional road map from the ga station.