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Building An Effective Survival Kit

Having an appropriate survival kit at the time of emergency is most important part of keeping you and your family member safe during an event of crisis. When you are looking to make your kit, you must make sure that you pack essential and cater the equipment to the situation which most likely to happen. In case you act thoroughly and methodically then you can make survival kit that might maximize your odds of staying safe during the emergency situation.

What to Include

In case you are looking for building a survival kit then you can follow some necessary tips such as

  • Organize and store first aid kit
  • Stock up on water
  • Try to store enough non perishable food
  • Stock up on the extra batteries and flashlights
  • Store your emergency items together

First aid kit can prevent small injuries from becoming infected and your first aid must have certain things such as medical tape, iodine, gauze pads, alcohol wipes, aspirin, scissors, scalpel and antibiotic. Consider number of people that you might have at your household and decide how much water which you need for 2 weeks. You can bring at least three days of the non perishable food which includes salt free crackers, canned foods and whole grain cereals. Flashlight could be mostly used to illuminate areas when it might get dark and it is the versatile tool. Before you are planning to pack your survival kit, you must decide climate and conditions which you will be. Survival kit for sea includes certain items like fishing equipment, flares, inflatable boats and vests. Good knife could be used in the multitude ways when you are in the wilderness. It is really useful to build shelter, cut food, start fire, hunt, cut twigs, string and clear paths. You are always advisable to choose knife with the good balance of cutting power and durability. Fixed blade is more durable when compared to folding knife under pressure. GPS device is useful to guide when you get lost in wilderness but it is required signal and battery power. In case you have to tolerate night in wilderness, it is always important which you build makeshift shelter in order to stay cool or warm and protected from elements. Cell phone is great device which is used to communicate during emergency or evacuation.

Tips On Building a Survival Kit

During emergency, your gps or phone might not be available and for that reason only you must keep road map so you might know about how to get to your migration site. Try to bring some drinking water with you into wild. If you are willing to build survival kit in excellent way then you must concern about certain things like tools, a knife or similar, medications, medical items, extra batteries, personal hygiene items and emergency contact information. You might not have access to your wardrobe for long time after emergency so it is always necessary to pack extra sets of clothes. In case of emergency, you can buy traditional road map from the ga station.

Best Samurai Swords

Samurai swords are simply the masterpieces that depict glory and perfection. Even though these swords are of Japanese origin then also these are loved throughout the world. These swords were meant for samurais and were used on a massive scale in the ancient and feudal Japan. In the current times the most common use of samurai swords is seen in martial arts. If you are looking for the best samurai swords then here you will get all the details.

These are the best samurai swords that you can buy –

  • Katana

Katana is interchangeably referred as samurai sword. It is the best samurai sword and it has a distinctive appearance. It is curved and comes with a single edged blade. The design is slender and it is supported with a squared or circular guard. It has a long grip to accommodate two hands at the same time. Its cutting ability and sharpness are absolutely commendable and this sword was the first choice of samurais in ancient Japan. The striking ability of katana is phenomenal and it is made using really high quality steel blades. The length of katana can be up to 73 centimeters.

  • Wakizashi

The meaning of wakizashi is side insertion. It is a short bladed sword that is around 30 to 60 CMS. In looks it is similar to Katana but in size the blade length is shorter. The average sized wakizashi sword is around 50 CMS. The samurais used to pair the katana with wakizashi and it was an epitome of social status. Thus katana was the main sword for samurais and wakizashi acted like a perfect companion. The pairing of these swords provided a maximum combat benefit during the battle.

  • Tachi

Tachi is also a great samurai sword. It is more curved and even longer than the katana sword. During horse riding tachi was used to a great extent by the samurais. It can be drawn very efficiently and is used for striking the opponents in a swift manner. It is believed that tachi was the predecessor to katana. Later on, tachi evolved on the design front and the fitting of blades was improved. Thus, ultimately the new version named katana was born. That is why many people claim that katana is the successor of tachi.

  • Odachi

Odachi is a large sword and it is a two handed Japanese model. It is also referred as the field sword. This sword is very similar in looks like tachi model but the length is even more than tachi. Odachi was mainly seen with the foot soldiers and for open field arrangements these were considered to be the best weapons. The use of this sword was seen in open battlefields and was considered very effective in attacking the opponents.

  • Shin Gunto

Shin Gunto is a uniquely styled Japanese origin sword. This sword was a formal necessity of the uniform code for officers during the World War II. Thus it was kept by the officers of Imperial Japanese Army from the beginning of 1934 till the end of 2nd World War.

  • Tanto

Tanto is a short form of sword and you can also call it a dagger. The blade of tanto sword can be single edged or double edged. The usual length of such swords is around 15 to 30 cm. The samurais used tanto as a stabbing weapon. Its shape can be either straight or curved in appearance.

  • Ninjaken

Ninjaken is also called as ninja sword. These are the very famous and prestigious swords that were used by the shinobi of ancient Japan. Ninja swords are one of the most popular versions of Japanese swords and were meant for ninja warriors dressed in black. These swords usually are sleek in appearance and the guard is square shaped. The cutting ability as well as sharpness is praiseworthy.

  • Uchigatana

The uchigatana swords are the evolution of tachi swords. These swords first originated in the late 14th century. This sword can be quickly drawn from the scabbard. The design of this sword is different as compared to the tachi. The main highlight of uchigatana is that the handle is straight and the curvature is above pommel. It is one of the most sought after designs in samurai swords.

  • Daisho

Daisho referred to the set of katana and the other sword. Thus when katana and a shorter sword were paired together then it was called as Daisho. Thus the combination of daito (the long sword) and shoto (the short sword) was referred as Daisho. Usually it was seen that in Daisho setup katana was the main sword and it was often paired with wakizashi.

So, these are the best samurai swords that are ruling the segment of swords since ages. Samurai swords are an epitome of prestige and are highly useful for close combat warfare. In the present times you may not see their use openly or in military operations but in various types of trainings and martial arts these are highly used.

Genuine advice

You must have got a complete idea by now about the famous and best samurai swords. You can get the best samurai swords from the online platform. There are some credible online companies that are selling the samurai swords manufactured by reputed brands. Based on your custom needs and desired specifications you can choose the best samurai sword with the help of online facility. The rates are going to be the best and quality standards will be unprecedented.

Make sure to check the features like blade strength, quality of steel, forging, mounting, balance, detailing etc. before placing the order for any samurai sword. Always buy the sword from that dealer who is ready to provide the authentication certificate for it and a reasonable guarantee period as well. Be selective about the product you are buying and choose a trusted brand for samurai sword from By keeping all these tips in mind you will be able to select the best sword without any difficulty. Just place the order through a credible online portal and the finest samurai sword will reach your doorstep in great packaging.

Swiss Army Knife

Why Is Victorinox Swiss Army knifes Something Worth Buying?

In case you wonder if there are regular people who use Swiss Army knives, then you would be surprised to know that there are some. The Victorinox Swiss Army knife is a sought-after and in-demand tool for particular markets. The probable reason is that this knife not only serves for defence but also to help make cutting tools in the kitchen or for projects and tasks more convenient.  Jonathan from said that “the swiss army knife is a cultural icon, one which continues to remain popular despite competition from other multipurpose tools”.

Swiss Army Knife

The fact is, these Swiss Army knives come in different models and variations but the common feature among all of them is having the basic cutting, piercing, and drilling tools. However, the feature that makes it most special is its compactness in spite of having many tools and configurations within. It has a large blade, a small blade, and a pair of scissors its basic features.

Additionally, the most impressive feature about these army knives is their “combo tool” that unifies bottle and can openers, wire strippers, and screwdrivers into one compact device. Some may even have a parcel hook at the back that can be used as a file if taken from the spine. Other special features include a corkscrew, metallic toothpick, and tweezers.

The Victorinox Swiss Army knife, the tool is a must-have beyond its convenience and compactness. Regarding carrying, it may be a little bulky but that it only because of the weight of all metals summed up into one small gadget. Depending on who might use it, pocket lightness might not be a guarantee for everyone, but it is one you can insert or slip through the recesses of your bag.

Regarding usage, the Swiss Army knife is comfortable as all you need is to pull out the particular gadget and push it back towards the whole device. As for the combo tools, however, you will need to take extra care in using just one by keeping the other away from your skin to avoid cuts. When performance comes into consideration, it depends on individual technique. One tool may require more effort than the other, or they need some sharpening or conditioning before using them. After all, no gadget is perfect and considering that the Victorinox Swiss Army knife is a three-in-one, some of its features might be prioritized than the others.

To name other tools within the knife, there can be scissors, a parcel hook, a point pen, and a blade. However, the blades are the main focus of this gadget hence reviews have touched more on how they cut through cardboard, food, and materials such as wood. So far, their performances are satisfactory although as previously mentioned, one blade might cut better than the others.

In an overall critique about the Swiss Army knife, users adore its ease of performance and portability. But even if they cannot compare to a box that contains individual quality blades and tools, the well-known Victorinox Swiss Army knife is worth the purchasing and keeping.

How to Have a Trouble-Free Camping Trip

Camping can be a lot of fun. However, if you think about all the planning and preparation you need to do, you already feel tired even before you do these things. But the thing is, camping can still be worthwhile without the fuss. You can achieve that by following these tips below.

Plan in advance

Planning in advance gives you ample time to do the preparation slowly but surely. If you start planning at least two to three months prior to the trip, you can do the preparations much more easily without the need for a rush. Take it one day at a time. For week one, research about campgrounds where you plan to visit. For week two, start buying camping equipment one piece at a day. For week three, plan the menu and the packing list. Cramming will not only stress you out but might also make you forget to do something important for the trip.

Camp at a Nearby Destination

Another way to save yourself from the hassle is to go camping at a nearby destination. Wherever your location might be, there are campgrounds near your area where you and the family can set up camp. Choosing a nearby campsite is good for a number of reasons. The most obvious benefit is that you don’t have to travel far. This will save you from the trouble of a long roadtrip that will bore the kids out of their wits. Another advantage would be on the economic side. This will allow you to save much on gas if you’re going by the car or on airfare if you intend to fly.

Choose a Campground with Amenities

Yes, camping has always been equated to roughing it but if you don’t feel that you have the energy to do so and if all you ever want is to have a relaxing time less the stress, go for campgrounds that are complete with amenities. This way, you do not have to worry much about these things.

Go RV Camping

For an even more comfortable and trouble-free camping activity, go in your RV. RV camping is like bringing your own home into the woods. You will get to enjoy the beauty of nature, do fun and exciting camping activities, and at the same time, have the comfort of your home. You do not have to stress yourself over packing because you can bring as much as you need for the vacation. You do not have to endure the hassle of cooking on an outdoor setting because you are bringing your kitchen with you on your RV.

Buy Camping Equipment Online

Buying camping equipment such as other Coleman camping equipment or outdoor tents in the online market is yet another way to save yourself from trouble. Aside from the convenience that this shopping route offers, it can also save you time and energy. You do not need to go physically to a camping store to buy your needs. All you have to do is sit in front of the computer and surf the net to look for a reputable camping outlet that sells high quality products and offers efficient and friendly service.

See, camping does not have to be too much of a trouble. Even if you exert a little effort here and there, you can be sure that all your efforts would be worth it.

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