In case you wonder if there are regular people who use Swiss Army knives, then you would be surprised to know that there are some. The Victorinox Swiss Army knife is a sought-after and in-demand tool for particular markets. The probable reason is that this knife not only serves for defence but also to help make cutting tools in the kitchen or for projects and tasks more convenient. ┬áJonathan from said that “the swiss army knife is a cultural icon, one which continues to remain popular despite competition from other multipurpose tools”.

Swiss Army Knife

The fact is, these Swiss Army knives come in different models and variations but the common feature among all of them is having the basic cutting, piercing, and drilling tools. However, the feature that makes it most special is its compactness in spite of having many tools and configurations within. It has a large blade, a small blade, and a pair of scissors its basic features.

Additionally, the most impressive feature about these army knives is their “combo tool” that unifies bottle and can openers, wire strippers, and screwdrivers into one compact device. Some may even have a parcel hook at the back that can be used as a file if taken from the spine. Other special features include a corkscrew, metallic toothpick, and tweezers.

The Victorinox Swiss Army knife, the tool is a must-have beyond its convenience and compactness. Regarding carrying, it may be a little bulky but that it only because of the weight of all metals summed up into one small gadget. Depending on who might use it, pocket lightness might not be a guarantee for everyone, but it is one you can insert or slip through the recesses of your bag.

Regarding usage, the Swiss Army knife is comfortable as all you need is to pull out the particular gadget and push it back towards the whole device. As for the combo tools, however, you will need to take extra care in using just one by keeping the other away from your skin to avoid cuts. When performance comes into consideration, it depends on individual technique. One tool may require more effort than the other, or they need some sharpening or conditioning before using them. After all, no gadget is perfect and considering that the Victorinox Swiss Army knife is a three-in-one, some of its features might be prioritized than the others.

To name other tools within the knife, there can be scissors, a parcel hook, a point pen, and a blade. However, the blades are the main focus of this gadget hence reviews have touched more on how they cut through cardboard, food, and materials such as wood. So far, their performances are satisfactory although as previously mentioned, one blade might cut better than the others.

In an overall critique about the Swiss Army knife, users adore its ease of performance and portability. But even if they cannot compare to a box that contains individual quality blades and tools, the well-known Victorinox Swiss Army knife is worth the purchasing and keeping.